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The neuroscience of romantic relationships
The neuroscience of romantic relationships

The neuroscience of romantic relationships

A talk by the neuroscientist Rachel Lanford.

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About the event

Our body projects hidden massages that our brain takes into account when creating an emotion and behavior. We are not aware of many of them, and that’s where the change can start: By understanding the way the brain creates the way we perceive the world and emotionally respond to it, we can take control and choose what and when to feel in different relationships and interactions.

In this talk Rachel will discuss mirror neurons and the way the brain creates empathy, about embodiments and the ways to induce self-confidence or reduce racism stereotypes. Rachel will also speak about the way prenatal exposure to different hormones effects the way we chose a partner and the way we tend to deal with the long-term relationships’ ups and downs.

Her first book “Wanted: A Knight in Shining Armor” was published in Israel in 2009 on neuroscience and relationships, covering interviews and studies in the field of neuroscience and romantic relationships. Interviews presented are personal stories of people searching for love in different ways. The book offers an insight to relationships and emotions from a scientific aspect. The book created much media interest with Television, radio interviews and press coverage describing Langford’s work, which subsequently lead to her lecturing to a variety of audiences, combining neuroscience with common issues in relationships that we encounter on our everyday interactions.

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