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Brain and consciousness

Past tour. Exhibition closed

Understanding the nature of consciousness continues to challenge even the leading experts in the field. Yet we all experience some form of consciousness and make daily journeys between different conscious states as we sleep and wake.

Through the eyes of writers, artists, scientists and philosophers, ‘States of Mind’ explores the meaning of consciousness and, in particular, the nature of interrupted or liminal conscious experiences, such as somnambulism, synaesthesia and disorders of memory. The diverse – even conflicting – perspectives pose fundamental questions about what it means to be alive, aware and human.

Can our consciousness exist without the brain? Is there life after death? What IS death? What determines our ‘self’? Who am ‘I’? What can we learn from Einstein’s brain about how to prevent Alzheimer’s? How can we feel what it is to be conscious through memory (or losing it), language (or losing it) and dreaming (and nightmares)?

All and more at the 2 hour tour with Rachel Langford

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