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Rachel Langford, MSc.Med, GMBPSS
Neuroscientist and director of the nctNeurofeedback London Clinic

Rachel Langford is the founder of the London nctNeurofeedback Clinic. The clinic offers neurophysiological EEG assessment and training for cognitive processing, emotional processing and dis-regulation (such as ODD) and neurodiversity challenges in children and adults (such as ADD/ADHD/ASD)

Rachel has 20 years’ clinic experience in the field of Neurofeedback and Neurotherapy, working for many years at The Galim Neurofeedback Centre in Israel. The Galim Centre has more than 30 years of experience in training, treatment and research into neurofeedback and neuroscience for the treatment of a variety of neural, cognitive and emotional conditions. 

Rachel is also the head of research and clinical Science at NeuroAudit, developing innovative psychoacoustic ultrasound neuro-stimulation technology for cognitive improvements in Alzheimer’s patients.

Rachel’s most recent research project focuses on auditory brain stimulation for improving cognitive functions. She teaches and gives talks and workshops. She is also an author and a neuroscience journalist.
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