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Rachel Langford is a neuroscientist researcher, lecturer and clinician. Some of her areas of interest are: Consciousness and behaviour, Brain treatment for ADHD, the neuroscience of romantic relationships, and brain functions in minimally conscious states in the medical setting.

More about Rachel

Rachel is the head of the nctNeurofeedback clinic in NW London. With Neuro-scientific and medical- related techniques, the clinic offers treatment for children and adults suffering from ADD and ADHD. It specialises in assessment of brain function, personalised neurofeedback training and Hemoencephalography training.

Current research project, Middlesex University, London

The study that aims to investigate the effects of music and gentle brain stimulation on physiology (e.g. heartbeat) and cognitive performance.

It has been shown that both brainwave entrainment to a beat and music listening can affect cognition (e.g., memory), and thus we aim to test specific types of entrainments and their effect by combining musical excerpts with beats occurring at different rates.

Explore the brain, its functions and the way it controls emotions, behaviour, consciousness and mental health. Explore it by experiencing London from an angle you haven’t before!

Join Rachel at The Science Museum to learn about the Blue Brain and The Pink Brain (Are men and women really equal?), At the Welcome collection to explore pain and pleasure in the brain, Or, if you want to hear about the scientific research of life after death – join the waiting list for the upcoming tour or book a lecture.

Rachel lectures for private groups, conferences, online workshops and anyone who wants to learn about the brain. Some of the topics she discusses are: Stress related physical and neural disorders and therapy, ADHD non-Ritalin therapy via brain-wave and oxygen patterns analysis, consciousness and awareness, brain and romantic relationships and more.


The neuroscience of romantic relationships: Langford’s first book 'Wanted: a knight in shining Armour' was published (in Hebrew) in 2009 covering interviews and studies in the field of neuroscience and romantic relationships. Interviews presented are personal stories of people searching for love in different ways. The book offers an insight to relationships and emotions from a scientific aspect.

Rachel's ongoing research into consciousness and the brain in people who had had a near-death experience (NDE).

The online data collection is both through participants of the UK NDE support group and individually.

Anyone who had an NDE can click here to join the study. 


JFriends is a voluntary group run by young people for young people in order to create a friendly atmosphere around high-end talks (TED style) and events, to enable people to make connections,  socialise and volunteer for other charities and communities in need.

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